Basics to know before launching your startup Website or a mobile app

Are you really ready for launching your startup?

Launch mobile app: Failures are not bad. But not thinking enough before starting can certainly be a disaster. Have you given serious thought to the following questions?

  • Will my startup survive without any use of technology?
  • Are my competitors deploying technology in their business?
  • Should you need a website or launch mobile app to establish your online presence?
  • How much does it cost to harness the potential of online presence?
  • Will I get enough return on investing in technology?
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to not fail

India is the 2nd largest consumer of internet in the world after China and has more than 200 million online users in Urban India itself. Adoption of technology by end consumers, higher use of mobile apps launch mobile app and an increase in online shopping has been well witnessed during Covid. Investors have grown much confident in promising Indian startups. Campaigns like ‘Startup India’ and ‘Make in India’, and ban on use of many popular Chinese Apps in India made Indian startup ecosystem even stronger. All these factors reveal that this is the most opportune time to start your business in India. But to keep up with the pace of this growth, you need extensive use of technology. Being online through your business website or a mobile app is highly advised. Not taking technical revolution seriously is an arrangement to fail. launch mobile app and Be stronger from the day one of your launch. Supercharge your Startup with Technology.

Do you want to know how to start a business? If you already have any plans about what you want to do? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Still, before you go any further, there’s something you might be aware of. Starting a company is a long journey that will not happen immediately.

If you are reading this blog, you will gain a better understanding of the steps that must be taken before embarking on this trip. If you’ve already mastered the fundamentals, take a look at some of our startup education blogs. However, if you’re new to the entrepreneurial world or just want a quick refresher on the topic, we recommend reading to the end.

Let’s discuss the most important aspect of today’s business world, the implementation of technology.

In today’s business world, technology is becoming increasingly important. The corporate world is getting more technical as time passes.

Business thrives on innovation, and because technology paves the way for it, we may claim that business needs technology to thrive. The influence of technology on business processes is important.

Regardless of the company’s scale, technology will have many advantages that can help you maximize sales and deliver the products that your consumers want.

Technology’s primary function in the industry is to accelerate growth and boost operations. Companies would almost definitely struggle to complete any of their tasks if it weren’t for technology.


Automatic Communication on websites or mobile apps is becoming increasingly popular these days.

A chatbot can attend your prospects and customers intelligently on any digital touchpoint 24×7.

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Most Common Implementations of Technology in a Business

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Presence Systems
  • Chatbots

How each one of them helps?


In today’s digitally driven world, having a company website is almost as important as having a Yellow Pages listing. In reality, 85 percent of customers look for local businesses on the internet. If the company isn’t online, it’s missing out on a world where the majority of consumers spend their time.

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Mobile App

Previously, smartphone apps were reserved for preferred brands and well-known business names, but currently, mobile product marketing accounts for 30% of all commerce in the United States. This proof shows the value of a smartphone app in every company’s digital campaign if they wish to thrive online.


Businesses of all sizes have been dreaming about a mobile approach that goes beyond just a “mobile-oriented platform” since long before Google released its mobile-first index. And Google’s free first index has only stressed this technique. Even the tiniest of companies now have their exclusive smartphone applications. launch mobile app, It works to elevate their mobile app marketing approach beyond that of their competitors.

According to global figures, the mobile industry expands at a rate of 13.0 percent every year, with Android controlling 84.7 percent of the market, making it difficult for other OS-based smartphones to thrive. So, if you still think not having a mobile app works, it doesn’t!

Digital Presence or Digital Branding

The world is going digital today. There are more people on the internet than there are in the real world. The reason for this is the digital content revolution adopted by the social media platforms.

The “digital presence” basically refers to just how your brand looks online; it’s what customers see when they perform an internet search for your company or organization Information that you own, such as your website and social media accounts, as well as information that you don’t, such as customer feedback, are all part of your digital footprint.

Since your clients are online and using the internet to find answers to their challenges, you should have a good digital presence.

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Chatbots are self-help features that help people connect easier. Brands will use it to boost their consumers’ experiences, increase revenue, and develop a stronger relationship with them. They make it easier for your consumers to communicate with your brand by engaging in conversations.

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Different Businesses and Their Needs


If you’re a blogger/author, your place of operation is a website. A simple static website would do the job for you. But what you need the most is a digital presence. A digital presence will get you more and more traffic and it will yield results. The rest of the things can also benefit but the most important ones are website and digital presence.

Affiliate Marketing/ FMCG/ Retail

If you cater to this domain of business, an e-commerce website is a must. A simple website is incapable of providing many features that your competitors are lining themselves with. Also, having a mobile app adds a cherry on the cake. launch mobile app, It is a necessity in today’s world as the majority of online shopping is carried out through mobile devices. Having an e-commerce app gives you direct connectivity with your customers. It also builds loyalty and trust among your customers and improves the credibility of the brand.

Coach/Mentor/Influencer/Content Creator

With this stream also, having a digital presence plays a vital role. The digital presence and credibility build trust among your followers and content consumers and allows them to market you among their peers.

Although, not a necessity, but having a website for a personal portfolio or similar purposes can take your digital credibility a long way. A website gives you a direct connection with your followers in an exclusive way out of the crowd of thousands of influencers/creators. An app also makes you the king of the ring.

It can be used to direct broadcast, give quick bytes, book sessions, etc. With an app, you become their go-to chase, and your growth proceeds in geometric progression.

Service-based Organization

You must be a marketing agency, an outsourcing solution, cleaning service provider, or cloud service provider, any business domain today, requires a website, an app, and a digital presence. Why?

A website serves as a generalized source of contact, a client portfolio, booking and requesting platform, etc. An app takes all these features handy and on the go. With the app, the conversion rates go higher and higher. Along with that, digital presence also matters. To boost the reach of your organization to new customers in progressive numbers, digital presence goes a long way.

Chatbots also provide very lucrative opportunities for their customer experience. From sales to support a chatbot can handle it all. With a chatbot integrated on your website, app, etc. you and your company can funnel the majority of the visitors.

Product-based Company

A product-based business creates goods that may or may not be connected to tech, but which require the assistance of the Technology divisions to make products fully marketable. In simple terms, product-based businesses are those that develop products, such as Oracle, Netscape, Samsung, and others.

A product-based company needs it all, whether it is a website, an app, a chatbot, or a digital presence. A website and app work as the product or a platform of testimony, performance, or interaction. If there are multiple products, the website increases its necessity as the number of products increase. Also, the app works in providing on-the-go insights if that isn’t the product and also lets them track things on the minimal. A chatbot lubricates the processes of funneling a sale and providing support to the existing customers.

Digital presence, on the other hand, tells new potential customers how the product can help them and boosts its reach beyond imagination.


There are various needs of different start-ups, summing them up is impossible in a single blog. Every startup is unique and so are its needs. The ultimate solution is to have a solution that understands all your needs and has experience in solving them all. If you want me to put a name to it, it is Yugasa. We, at Yugasa, have served several startups to scratch and came out to be the ultimate solution and conclusion to their technological needs.

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