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AngularJS Consulting

Yugasa especially takes care of clients by advising them in the correct column directly and their doubts are resolved on a significant basis which is done through the developers skilled in the AngularJS development application. We use JavaScript library consulting services.

  • The consultancy is a very user-friendly mobile and web application model.
  • Firstly, we understand the queries of the customers and then we frame a proper problem-based solution.
  • The customers are our priority providing them end-to-end services.
  • With a modular approach and for better results, we never compromise on customer services.


Hybrid Mobile Applications with Phonegap

AngularJS is a powerful tool that gives a structural application domain model in a very flexible way. Hybrid applications are web-based applications. Natively, they are used in browsers like web view in iOS and Android operating systems and are created using web technologies like HTML and JavaScript.

  • Such platforms are used like Cordova and AngularJS.
  • This is done from clicking a picture, previewing it and saving to the mobile SD card.
  • This option is much optimized and a unique advantage for JavaScript application developers using a proper framework of the AngularJS.


Developing Chrome Extensions

AngularJS helps Yogasa in guiding guidelines for chrome extension development as it provides proper tutorials for the extension creation. The guidelines outline the proper model of development of chrome extension. Our developers use the text editor for a web-based application.

  • Using AngularJS, Google creates and publishes customized applications and extensions.
  • This helps users to add an extension to the internet-connected devices like mobiles, laptops, iPads, etc
  • The users can control publishing over the Chrome web store.
  • By signing in into accounts, the user can test the application or extension.


Developing and Integrating AngularJS APIs

Our developers need a set of certain tools and protocols for coding software applications. This set is known as an API- Application program interface. It is a meaningful system about how different software components should interact with each other.

  • AngularJS Development Company completes the function of interfacing software components. We create a connection to operate all the interfaces by integrating them into one bundle.
  • The components included are directives, services, templates, testing tools, etc
  • Study tutorials are too available online for beginners to learn the developing and integrating the application program interfaces (APIs).


Maintenance and Upgrading services

One needs maintenance where there are certain working issues or any part of the machine is not functioning properly. AngularJS Development Company, Yugasa takes the responsibility to provide hardcore services and solutions for the repairing work as well.

  • With the help of this, the new services are upgraded into the system when certain modifications are available.
  • Improvements are made due to new tools and techniques are coming into the picture and these latest changes are made available to experience new features.
  • These developments make progress in software and making the customer happy for the lifetime.

Technology that we use

There are many technologies under the text editor column used or to develop the AngularJS framework. Some of them are:

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the first choice of the well efficient AngularJS developers. The text is full of long codes and writing them will not be just a piece of developing a simple code text but the text editor will be a helpful medium in a picture of coding.

  • The API (Application Program Interface) is customized through this editor formatting as the way developers want to.
  • Split editing, definition checking, common palette, etc are facilitated by the editor.
  • The latest version available is Sublime Text 3.0.
  • It can be used as IDE.


Generally, Sublime Text is used for the code editor for PHP projects in depth. But for a certain specialization stream of JavaScript, the suggested text editor will be WebStorm for editing the codes. It works well for the Typescript and Stylesheet type languages.

  • It is also oiled for other modern technology tools.
  • It also supports Node.js, HTML, and CSS.
  • For the modern AngularJS Development Company, the IDE is very intelligent and a powerful tool as it testifies, and debugs the code as you do coding.
  • It also works for the JavaScript.


Karma makes the text editing easier. The text can be performed on real browsers like phones, tablets, etc. It acts like remote controls as it controls the whole command line. After saving the work, it will run the code automatically. It takes care of the project management and development cycle.

  • Code debugging is easily done by Google Chrome.
  • It is a continuous integration procedure simply with Jenkins or Semaphore.
  • The open-source community has developed and maintains the code texting.
  • It is compatible with E2E (Exchange to exchange), unit and midway testing.


Jasmine is driven directly for testing the BDD JavaScript code and it has a clean and simple syntax that can be used to write the text. It does not depend on any other model apart from the JavaScript.

  • It is a fast process and it does not require any external dependencies.
  • The browser test and Node.js test require need Jasmine to run.
  • Automatically, it finds out JavaScript classes and functions from the code with the help of Karma.
  • After efficiently detecting the unhandled codes, it notifies the developer about the error.

Why choose Yugasa?

Before selecting any dress, a person has a certain strategy about the dress he wants to buy taking care of the colour, size, style, and occasion. Similarly, before choosing Yugasa, there are multiple and positive reasons:

MVC Done Right by Agile Team

  • MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller
  • The model controls the data, retrieves it and then stores it.
  • The view is a user interface.
  • The controller takes care of user requests.
  • We as a team always put our best foot forward to complete our commitments and follow related practices

Faster and Easier Development

  • Mainly, the Yugasa takes care of each process to be precise, faster for the smooth development of applications.
  • Each time the testing process is taken place to verify any defaults, resulting in a more increasing rate of the output.
  • One can increase the efficiency by such development and understand the faults if any exist.
  • This shows the consistency level of all of us how we behave.

Unit Testing Ready-

  • We do the maintenance of each interface to function properly.
  • All software is tested and verified from time to time.
  • The cross-checking process gives awareness and this links towards the productivity of the work done but the software.
  • By assessing in between the process, one can learn and improve productivity by taking correct measures timely.

Two Way Data Communication

  • Two-way communication means data and the information is flowing in two directions between a customer and a company.
  • It is a fast and clear process with full transparency.
  • All the developers are well qualified with good command over the English language and their skills.
  • All applications are made to do better customer service for good results.