AI-Powered Smart Cities with the convergence of Digital & Physical Worlds!

AI for Smart Cities: If we see around us we will find that enough has been said about the pressing global issues like population growth, and consequently swift urbanization.

The increasing occupancy on earth is creating a lot of problems for the other co-residents and us humans.

However, we humans have to learn a lot, deal with, adjust, resolve, or remove the issue at hand of every problem. We, humans, are creating as well as facing so many problems in our life.

We all are very much aware and seen that the consequences of being ruthless and careless around our ultimate residence i.e. Earth.

We all try that we create a better environment for our incoming generations because it is very important for them to secure the life of their next generations.

We all are concerned about the same and seeking solutions for the same too.

We are doing this to provide them a better living with less challenge to the generations to come i.e. chaotic traffic, pollution, safety, infrastructure, and if we talk about the recent problem then i.e. Covid-19 the Pandemic.

According to research the government or the other bodies are using technology or other digital things to deal with this chaos.

With the help of technology only, the businesses can stand in the market and they don’t need to vanish from the market.

Smart cities are such a great initiative towards this. The idea of Smart Cities is varying from country to country.

If we talk about India then the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure.

It also gives a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment, and most important the application of ‘Smart’ solutions.

India aims to attain sustainability and inclusivity in terms of development which can grow with the help of technologies. 

The technology which is very important which is set to power the whole idea is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

To understand the real situation of cities, data synthesis, and pattern recognition to help the agencies and officials. Decision-making and resolutions are merely going to be based on current and past data.

The approach of this is to be looking at cities as the systems whose behavior is to be monitored in real-time and come up with models where these cities become self-regulation, all with Artificial Intelligence in action which makes all this possible for the perfect model.

The idea is to use AI and ML and the related technologies to create a smart environment that is ever transitioning for the better of the cities and the area. 

The data is here the most critical element because everything is based on that.

This data provides the exact practical knowledge base, which can supplement the planning, thought process, ideas, principles, and design to operationalize smart cities.

These points are important for that. AI can replicate the human learning process because it automatically provides the output without any mistakes and any specific learning which is mandatory for humans.

Resource optimization, sustainability, and improved infrastructure are critical to creating a better future. AI & ML are all set to transform various areas and in a better way in comparison to humans. 

The action areas are mentioned below on which the action is a must for better output.

E-Commerce and Citizen Services – AI for Smart Cities

This AI will focus on public information in which it will gather past information for better results. It also focuses on electronic service delivery and video crime monitoring. It is related to e-commerce. 

Waste Management

It works on the areas of waste to energy and fuel, waste to compost, wastewater treatment, recycling, and reduction of C&D waste. By this, it will not create any wastage which is beneficial for society.

Water Management

It is important to maintain water management. For the same, it uses smart meters, leakage identification, and water quality moni

AI’s potential is very important to understand how cities function will help city planners comprehend and run pilot projects and monitor the changes so that the difference can easily be identified.

The OpenData is beneficial for smart cities because this historical data help us to maintain and to predict the possible future.

This is relevant to issues like traffic, safety, and even air quality. AI is more capable than human beings for better output. It makes some ideal predictions which are helpful for the companies. 

 Open data is an important part of AI to exhibit its magic. However, it is the biggest challenge to determine the amount of data that is required, how to segregate, and how to catch that the data is of good quality or not.

With the unbiased and diverse approach, we can move to these smart cities which are an example of the convergence of humans and AI takes place. 

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